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Visualize the worth of your spending habits and compare it to the same cash if invested in stocks and ETFs at that time.

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Learn about the value of your purchases for free!


Spend smarter and invest more with the money you already have.


Add your financial accounts and visualize your purchases in seconds.

Your data and purchase history are safe and secure

Security is our top priority so that you can learn about your money safely and securely. We use measures like 256-bit encryption and multi-step authentication to protect your data and purchase history. We do not store financial accounts and passwords. We only use data that can help you learn about your purchase habits.

How Does It Work?

Track your spending and investing with these easy steps!

Join to learn about their money and where to invest. Create your personal account on Nuvestan. We ask for your email and mobile phone number to ensure that it is you logging into your account.

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After you sign up and log in, link your financial accounts to display your transactions. We have teamed up with Plaid Inc. to ensure safe and secure connections between you and your financial institutions. Today, tens of millions of people in North America have successfully connected their financial institutions using Plaid. Do you have a Mint.com account? Log into your Mint.com account and download your transactions there. Then, you can upload them here to visualize trends.

Nuvestan Step 2

Many of us could use some extra cash. One way to make more money is by adjusting our spending habits. If you could visualize how much money that daily coffee run could be worth in the long run, perhaps you may make some spending changes. Play with our Spending Overview feature to measure your money's value if you invested it instead of spending it.

Adjust by time-scale, spending catergory, and even stocks. See what would have happened if you let your money grow over time.

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Set and track your financial goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nuvestan?

According to Pew Research, only 52% of families making a median income of $40,000 invest in the stock market directly or indirectly. In contrast, 88% of families that make $100,000 or more invest in the stock market. With the growth of fractional shares (or dollar-based investing) and Robo-advisory, individuals who have $5 here and there can invest in the stock market without investing much. That means the gates to invest in your future are open to everyone! People do not need to make more money to invest. They simply need to pay attention to their current spending habits and understand the future dollar value of their purchases.

Nuvestan is a financial visualization tool that helps you be aware of the actual value of your purchases within a given time. Often, we look at a $4 cup of coffee as a small purchase. However, if you buy a cup of coffee three days a week, those purchases add up not only because of the money you spent but the potential money you missed out on in the stock market. Many budgeting websites show you if you have blown through your budget. We take it a step further. We offer you a visualization of how those $4 purchases would have been worth if you used that money in the stock market instead of on that very day. You have money to invest. You're just spending it.

Of course, we cannot predict the future growth of the stock market, but we can help you squeeze out more money than what you already have for your investments. Nuvestan wants you to spend wisely and think long-term.

Fun Fact: Pre-2020, the National Retirement Risk Index, found that 50% of households are “at-risk” of not having enough to maintain their living standards in retirement. That number jumped to 55% during the pandemic. That number jumped to 70% for unmarried people. What were two primary reasons why? Lack of access to 401(k) at work and insufficient savings. Do not let that be you.

Each of your purchases is categorized. For example, if you ate at McDonald's, your purchase would be classified as "Fast Food". Nuvestan breaks down your purchases based on categories and shows how much money you would have made in various stock markets on that very day.

For example, if you spent $10.00 at McDonald's on January 15th, but the S&P500 Index went up 2% on that day. That $10.00 was actually worth $10.20 when put against the S&P500. That may not seem like a lot; however, imagine all of your sudden fast-food purchases or coffee runs added over time while the stock market goes up in the long run. You missed out on a lot of financial opportunities using the money you already have spending it on items that you didn't need. Nuvestan wants you to be aware of these trends to help change your behaviors with financial goals and alerts when you miss opportunities.

Currently, Nuvestan does not charge users to use their service. We make our money through referrals for anyone who signs up to the investment accounts after signing up to our website.

Stephen Umunna is the creator of Nuvestan. He just thought of this idea in his sleep and wondered if others asked the same question. Interestingly enough, many others did. So, he decided to create this tool. There are many ideas in the future to expand on this notion!