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Our Story

Stephen Umunna has a strong affinity for Peanut M&Ms and sugar-free Red Bull to the point that he was making daily trips to the local 7-Eleven to satisfy his impulsive cravings. In January 2021, Stephen wondered how much he was wasting on these “small” purchases. Most of us know that we should save. Stephen saves and invests; however, he believed he could invest more with the money he already had. In the middle of the night, he wondered how much money he could have made in the stock market if he invested the $4.65 at each transaction instead of purchasing Peanut M&Ms and Red Bull all the time.

The next day, Stephen asked his friends on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn if they wondered the same thing and MANY people agreed. Thus, Stephen turned it into a weekend project and created Nuvestan in May 2021. Using data analytics, Stephen took his transactions to see how much money he spent on various purchase categories. Stephen’s struggle is Fast Food and Restaurants. However, Stephen has a few friends who struggle with spending too much money on clothes. We all struggle in different areas. That's okay. Nuvestan is tailored to your transactions, and it shows you how much money you could have made if you made purchase adjustments and invested it. Not only can you visualize how much money he could have made if he invested those whimsical purchases, but you can also visualize your monthly goals and see how close you are getting to your budget.

Our Mission

Nuvestan is dedicated to help you invest more money with the money you already have by visualizing the worth of your spending habits and compare it to the same cash if invested in stocks and ETFs at that time.

Our Vision

Nuvestan seeks to help people have enough money for retirement using the money they already have.

Who is behind Nuvestan?

Stephen Umunna is the creator of Nuvestan. He provides more than ten years of data analytics experiences, working on projects like Brain-Machine Interface projects to Big Data public health projects. If you're a fan of neuroscience, then check out some of his work on Google Scholar here.

Also, Stephen is the founder of CartoChrome, a data analytics tool that rates 45,000 ZIP Codes in the United States from 0 to 100 based on the healthcare accessibility in that ZIP Code using more than 200 factors. Then, he broke down healthcare access based on 11 health conditions and diseases. Stephen loves creating data projects to help regular people make informed decisions.

Stephen Umunna
Stephen Umunna
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Who are Nuvestan's partners?

Nuvestan has partnered with Plaid, who has a strong reputation in protecting your finances when making real-time calculations. Plaid works with major names like Venmo, Betterment, Acorns, and American Express, keeping your transactions secure while maintaining your privacy. Tens of millions of people in North America have successfully connected their financial institutions using Plaid.